Security : Ensuring everyone feels safe


Safe escape routes

The PostFinance Arena is fully up-to-date in terms of security. Wide entrances and exits as well as several side escape routes and stairways lead directly to the outside. A security zone with catering stands is located beneath the standing and seating ramps.

Sprinkler systems

Sprinklers are installed everywhere – except in the stadium, in the training rink and in the players’ changing rooms. The washrooms, utility rooms and side rooms, as well as the changing rooms have fire detectors.

Smoking ban

The athletes’ safety is a top priority at any sporting event. There is a full smoking ban in place throughout the interior of the stadium. Smoking is permitted only during the breaks in the mobile smoking areas outside the stadium. The smoking areas are opened just before the break and are then closed afterwards. The smoking ban also applies to e-cigarettes.

Stadium regulations

The stadium regulations apply to all championship matches and events which take place within the PostFinance Arena and associated outdoor areas (private property) as part of the Swiss Ice Hockey Association (SIHA), the National League (NL), SCB Eishockey AG or SCB Future AG.

Stadium regulations (PDF)

Strict checks in the stadium

Security staff in the stadium ensure that the smoking ban and stadium regulations are consistently observed. Anyone found ignoring the smoking ban will be warned, and issued with a stadium ban for a repeat offence.