Guide & maps : Finding your way around


Stadium plan

A Entrance for seating area
B Entrance for seating area
C Entrance for standing area (guests)
D Entrance for standing area
2 VIP Info Point
4 VIP Entrance / Arena Restaurant * / Energie Lounge ** / Sportgastro AG
6 VIP Entrance / Energie Lounge ** / Entrance to offices
8 VIP Restaurant **
10 Arena Restaurant
11 Business Restaurant
12 Restaurant Emmentaler **
13 Restaurant Casa Buitoni **
14 Oldies Bar **
15 SCB Eishockey AG office


* Daytime opening
** Only open during events

Stadium view

Entrances A, B and C lead to the seating areas and VIP boxes. Wheelchair users can access the stadium via entrances A and B. Entrances are clearly marked with the corresponding section letters at the front of the stadium. An info point is located in section A.